The SHIFT Experience Course

(VALUE: $697)

The SHIFT Experience isn't your regular "digital course." It is a comprehensive transformational education program you can take at your own pace, and that will be the catalyst for you manifesting your dream life into reality.

You will look back at this program a few months from now as the turning point, the thing that changed it all for you. It allows you to create a life that is built around your rules and in which you can be yourself instead of playing small around other people.

The SHIFT experience is a 7 module program that is specifically designed so you can remove all of the blockages, get into alignment and transform every area of your life.

PROGRAM #1: The Emotional Transformation Process

(VALUE: $497)

In this course, I have created the most powerful process I have ever made to literally change you into an entirely different human being using the Emotional Transformation Process.

...and it will change your life permanently and empower you to take your power back and live life on YOUR terms! 

This process will help you integrate your shadow and heal the residual pain of your past, leaving you feeling FREE and empowered. 
It will allow you to release your negative beliefs... and destroy your fears and doubts so that you can finally move ahead in life, feeling more confident than ever!     

PROGRAM #2: The Law of Attraction Accelerator Morning Routine Program

(VALUE: $97)

This is one of my legacy courses which shows you my exact routine for how I manifest everything I want

Whatever we do on a consistent basis determines who we become. Creating a powerful morning routine will drastically change your life in a positive way. Whatever you do first thing in the morning has a massive impact on the rest of your day.

The morning is the most powerful time to prime your subconscious mind and in this course, I show you my exact visualization process, my meditation practice, my definite purpose and how you can set one up as well, as well as the exact affirmations I use so that you can accelerate the process of manifestation toward whatever you want.

PROGRAM #3: The Raise Your Vibrational Set-Point LIVE Event Recording

(VALUE: $197)

In this live event, Leeor Alexandra, Victor Oddo, and I helped people to let go of their past "stories" so they can raise their vibration to a whole new level

This event/recording is specifically designed to elevate your level of consciousness, and transform every single aspect of your life. Get ready to experience powerful guided meditations, interactive exercises, and an insightful Q&A session with Aaron, Victor & Leeor!  

PROGRAM #4: The Ultimate Finding Your Purpose Program

(VALUE: $97)

There is a simple process you can apply to find your life purpose and start to LIVE your most passionate and fulfilled life

In this course, I show you how to find your purpose with a simple step-by-step process, plus I show you how to change your mindset and vibration so that you can live in that reality now. This will provide you the clarity and confidence to break through, expand beyond your current comfort zone and experience a new level of awareness and consciousness. 

There is also a 40 min bonus video in which me and Victor Oddo explain how you can go full time and earn an abundant income with your passion using the exact same process we did. 

PROGRAM #5: The Reality Shifting Trilogy Workshops

(VALUE: $297)

Reality Shifting is THE most powerful manifestation process I have ever found. It mixes quantum physics with the law of attraction and so many people reach out to me thanking me for introducing it to them. 

In this trilogy course I show you how to apply the most powerful techniques.

Manifestation will never be the same once you start to apply this.

Here's a quick overview of the workshops:

#1. Creating a "Slide" Workshop to easily "shift" to the reality you want

#2. Outer-Intention Workshop so the universe manifests FOR you

#3. Setting a "Reality Amalgam" training so you reprogram reality.

PROGRAM #6: Access to "The Meditation Vault"


There are a plethora of premium meditations in The Meditation Vault that you can download and listen to whenever you please. 

They range from the topics of changing your self-image, tapping into love, and many other topics you cannot find on Youtube. If you think my Youtube meditations are powerful... then I am excited for you to experience this!

The meditations in the Vault helped thousands of people to shift their consciousness, connect to their higher self, and operate at a higher frequency that allows them to attract abundance into their lives.  

PROGRAM #7: The EnLIGHTened Manifestation Process

(VALUE: $497)

Enlightened people are able to magically manifest whatever they want because they vibrate on the highest level. Their vibration is so high that they are able to influence matter in a completely new way. They are able to operate on a level that goes beyond physical matter itself.

The 3 workshops inside are specifically designed to help you shift your consciousness towards that level of enLIGHTened manifestation.  

PROGRAM #8: The Shadow Work Healing Breath Workshop 

(VALUE: $197)

If you haven't experienced breathwork yet, then this is hard to explain. 

Imagine breathing in a pattern that releases SO MUCH stored emotion that you feel as free as a bird after. When I did this for the first time, I let go of a massive amount of both past pain as well as "control" that my ego was holding onto. 

This workshop will reset your breathing and you will feel like a totally new person afterwards and that is not an exaggeration. I want you to experience what I experienced when I first did it in Costa Rica.

Without having to spend thousands of dollars to do so at a retreat center.

PROGRAM #9: How to SHIFT into 5D Awareness Workshop 

(VALUE: $97)

This workshop will show you how to shift into a 5D level of consciousness so you can move forward operating from a place of unconditional love and light.

You’ll strip back the ego, gain newfound clarity on who you really are at a deep level, and learn how to become the creator of your own reality.

Once you start to tap into the core of who you really are....things begin to change in a powerful way.

PROGRAM #10: The SHIFT into 100% Worthiness and Self-Love Workshop 

(VALUE: $97)

This workshop is specifically designed to allow you to come into alignment and connect with your higher self. Once you feel this higher vibrational energy take over, your desires will start to manifest themselves into your reality. 

As you begin to shift into this higher level of consciousness.....your entire life will change and your desires will start to flow to you effortlessly

PROGRAM #11: The Frame Technique Activation for Confidence and Boundaries

(VALUE: $97)

Learn how to build confidence, create magnetic energy, and set boundaries without feeling guilty. Once you use this technique you will be armed with a newfound sense of confidence and show up every day unapologetically as your authentic self.

PROGRAM #12: The Courage Activation Workshop

(VALUE: $97)

Learn how to activate the courage within yourself so you can take aligned, inspired action and create your dream life.

I will show you how to clear the mental barriers that have been holding you back from creating the life you have been visualizing so you can 'wire in' a new courageous you that takes inspired action and makes your dreams into reality

PROGRAM #13: The Raising Your Vibrational Set Point Integration Activation

(VALUE: $97)

This activation will show you how to raise your dominant vibration PERMANENTLY (without ever falling back). A lot of times you hear about raising your vibration, but it’s usually only ideas and theory. This is a practical activation where I walk you through step-by-step while you do it.

PROGRAM #14: Merging With Your Higher Self Activation

(VALUE: $97)

Learn how to merge with and tap into your higher self. Your higher self wants nothing more than to communicate with you and guide you to be the highest vibrational version of you. By tapping into this internal guidance, we place ourselves on a path of pure ascension that not only benefits us but everyone else who we meet on our journey.

PROGRAM #15: Shadow Work Integration Live Workshop

(VALUE: $97)

Learn how to integrate your shadow to heal past patterns and become a more authentic version of yourself. Once you complete this workshop you will feel more whole and integrated as a person which will create improved interactions with others and an overall happier, healthier experience of life.

PROGRAM #16: Breath Workshop

(VALUE: $97)

Get access to the full HD recording of the breath workshop hosted by my good friends Victor and Pattie Oddo. This workshop will help you release your blocks (for good) and access higher levels of consciousness. 

When You Purchase Today, You Will Get These 3 Powerful Programs For FREE: 

FREE Bonus: The Vibe Shift Experience

(VALUE: $197)

Inside the VibeSHIFT Experience you will experience the creating power of the connection we all share with each other.

This course gives you the processes and  techniques that allow you to shift into your dream reality by changing the 3 common limiting beliefs that block you from being unified, whole, and free.

Get This For FREE When You Claim Your Get It All Gratitude Pass

Bonus #2: The Abundant MindSHIFT Course 

(VALUE: $497)

This course is all about money and abundance around subconscious beliefs. 

See how to break free of the scarcity blocks that are poisoning your ability to achieve unlimited abundance and instill new empowering beliefs into your subconscious mind. 

I show you how to change your beliefs and relationship to money so that you manifest it easier than ever. I also show you how to apply what is called "EFT" which is a powerful process (also called "tapping") for releasing those subconscious beliefs/energy patterns.

Get This For FREE When You Claim Your Get It All Gratitude Pass

Bonus #3: The Money Mindset Bootcamp 

(VALUE: $297)

This is a training bootcamp I did with my best friend (and Youtuber) Victor Oddo. 

This will be a transformational experience that will show you how to transcend the beliefs you have around money that are stopping you from experiencing it effortlessly flowing into your life.

We show you how to re-wire your beliefs about money and we give you our top resources (and recommended books) that changed it all for us to where now we live in abundance doing what we love.

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Get It All Gratitude Pass

"Claim Your Access To This Rare One Gratitude Special (Just $97)"...

(Sold separately for $4,343)

  • PROGRAM #1: The SHIFT Experience Course (VALUE: $697)
  • ​PROGRAM #2: The Emotional Transformation Process (VALUE: $497)
  • ​​PROGRAM #3: The Law of Attraction Accelerator Morning Routine Program (VALUE: $97)
  • ​PROGRAM #4: The Raise Your Vibrational Set-Point LIVE Event Recording (VALUE: $197)
  • PROGRAM #5: The Ultimate Finding Your Purpose Program (VALUE: $97)
  • ​PROGRAM #6: The Reality Shifting Trilogy Workshops (VALUE: $297)
  • ​​PROGRAM #7: Access to "The Meditation Vault" (Priceless)
  • PROGRAM #8: The EnLIGHTened Manifestation Process (VALUE: $497)
  • PROGRAM #9: The Shadow Work Healing Breath Workshop (VALUE: $197)
  • ​PROGRAM #10: How to SHIFT into 5D Awareness Workshop (VALUE: $97)
  • ​PROGRAM #11: The SHIFT into 100% Worthiness and Self-Love Workshop (VALUE: $97)
  • ​PROGRAM #12: The Frame Technique Activation for Confidence and Boundaries (VALUE: $97)
  • ​​PROGRAM #13: The Courage Activation Workshop (VALUE: $97)
  • ​​PROGRAM #14: The Raising Your Vibrational Set Point Integration Activation (VALUE: $97)
  • ​PROGRAM #15: Merging With Your Higher Self Activation (VALUE: $97)
  • ​PROGRAM #16: Shadow Work Integration Live Workshop (VALUE: $97)
  • ​​PROGRAM #17: Breath Workshop (VALUE: $97)

Total Value: $4,343

For a LIMITED Time, You Can Get Access

To All of This For...

Just $97!

But you must act RIGHT NOW, not tomorrow...

not next week... 

This is the last time I'll ever be offering this bundle to the public!


If this doesn't give you great results then I don't want your money, plain and simple.

You have up to 30 days to go through the bundle and if at the end of applying the teachings in these programs, you are not satisfied, then simply email my team ~ and we will give you a full refund.

Here’s What People Are Saying About The Courses Inside:

Working with Aaron truly is a SHIFT in experience and now I know… There is no going back!

Also I feel FREE from old beliefs and empowered knowing I can change my perception of reality using “SHIFT” and then “BE” in the reality I want.

- Austin

I start feeling different from the first day and got in a flow state. The vibe was really good what already on its own helped me transform my vibe. I'm busy solving it. But, I'm definitely happier and letting go is easier.

- Laura

Looking brighter. I still have a lot of work to do and I need to be consistent with what I've learnt, especially the meditations. Realizing how far my beliefs and issues stem from. Ancestry and childhood.

Finding exercises and practical tools to help deal with my shadow side and limiting beliefs

- Keila

They resonated with me! I felt an instant connection by someone who honestly wanted to help me improve myself.

I'm in a WAY better place than before I started the courses or implementing them into my life . I am so grateful to find Aaron.

- Bo

Aaron, you were the first YouTuber I found and I have followed you throughout my journey. The most important aspect of your videos is that it’s detail oriented. You take the time to form the structure, to do the research and to formulate the content. I love that.

My whole perspective has changed. Starting from trusting the universe and the process, to losing control. This way I attract abundance and do not worry as I used to! Most importantly, I am growing as a human being every single day!

- Snehal

My journey with you Aaron has been an ah ha after ah ha type journey. You have helped me remember to remember.

With your help Aaron I was able to shift my reality from just another statistic, just another product of my environment, to something magical! I'm a man that can lift over 300 lbs, that has been to prison and to war. My point is I don't use magical freely. My life now is nothing less than magical, epic, some would even say legendary!

My life has exceeded my wildest dreams and I know this is just the beginning of my journey.

- Richard

Aaron explains concepts in an easy to understand manner, whereas lessons from other teachers might go over my head. This training helped me to realize that abundance comes in many forms other than money, which helped to shift me into an abundance mindset.

I'm now working towards developing my own business, which is something I never though I could do before meeting Aaron.

- Rowan

There is NO doubt that I have shifted myself to completely different reality. I’m currently packing to leave to a 6 weeks’ vacation to the Caribbean with my husband. My income has tripled, I feel so good in my body and I am having the time of my life in my currently experiences. There is not resistance, there is not need to make anything happen, I am happy today, right now.

- Yasmin

"Claim The Get It All Gratitude Pass Now For Just $97"...

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